Afvalbox waste bins for companies & institutions

A great workplace starts with a good working environment, and that's exactly where Afvalbox wants to contribute to. With the waste bins of Afvalbox you can easily and purposefully separate waste within your company or institution. With the use of our waste bins, your company makes an important contribution to both a better environment and a sustainable working atmosphere.


Place multiple waste bins at a central location in your company, so that you create a waste lane. This waste street can replace waste bins under the desks, so that employees walk to the street with their waste. This makes your employees more aware of waste separation and makes more steps on a working day.


In this way, the waste bins of Afvalbox not only contribute to a better environment, but also to the well-being and health of your employees. You also save costs on emptying many bins. Read the experiences of companies that have already switched to the Afvalbox, our  ambassadors.


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