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Griendweg 41 - 3295 KV 's-Gravendeel The Netherlands                                 

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Noorderlaan 131 - 2030 Antwerpen - Belgium
T.: +32 3 231 33 89 - E.: - Click here for our range

Refuse sacks, which size and where to buy:

Do not use biodegradable or paper bin liners in the

in the Garbage Box. The sizes of the rubbish bags to be used are:

for the height of 60 cm take 70x110 40 my or thicker
for the height of 80 cm: take 80x110 40 my or thicker
for the height of 100 cm take 80x120 40 my or thicker 

Supplier BOMA

Waste bags

Supplier JIP

Waste bags

Supplier Binqer

Waste bags

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