How sustainable are the waste bins?
The sustainable waste bins from Afvalbox are made from kraftliner cardboard for which no forests have been felled, but for which trees are grown. The waste bin is sustainably (CO2 negative) produced, extremely strong and, after years of use, also 100% recyclable. You can find more product information via Product info.


Which garbage bags should be used in the waste bin?

You will find various suppliers of recyclable garbage bags in various types and lengths on the internet. Take the size 80 / length. The length must be at least 10 to 20 cm longer than the height of the container. In addition, it is also possible to use smaller waste bags with the size 60 / length dimension, for which special hanging brackets are available which rest in the handles of the bin. The waste bags for the waste bins of 60 cm, 80 cm and 100 cm are among others available at KBL, JIP & Boma (B)



How strong are these waste bins?
The waste bins are so strong that the basic model can carry a load of up to 400 kg. Moreover, no dents can occur on the side, such as with metal waste bins. The waste bins of Afvalbox are more robust.

Can the waste bins also be used outside?

No, the waste bins are not suitable for standing outside.


How long do the waste bins last?

The waste bins of Afvalbox have been in existence for five years. They have been placed at various locations and are not yet due for replacement. The estimated lifespan is approximately four to five years with normal use, after which they can be 100% recycled as old paper.


Can the waste bins stand on a damp floor?

Persistent moisture at the bottom of the waste bins influences the strength. For waste bins that are placed on a damp floor, we recommend placing them in a specially made dolly so that they remain dry at all times.


Are the waste bins a fire hazard?

The waste bins are not easily flammable, because the walls consist of solid multi-layer tightly glued kraftliner cardboard (this is comparable to glued wooden panels). In terms of fire resistance requirements, the waste bins fall under design elements (furniture), whereby during the creation of this site no specific regulations and requirements have been drawn up for the time being.


For which waste streams can the waste bins be used?

The waste bins can be used for various waste streams such as: paper, residual waste, organic, PMD, cups, batteries, plastic, ink cartridges, etc.

What belongs in which waste bin?

If there is any doubt about which waste should go in which bin, then enter your waste type on:


Can the waste bins be obtained in a color other than the basic color?

The waste bins can be sprayed in any desired color, but then they are no longer durable and circular. You can decorate or personalize the waste bins with our environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable stickers that are produced without harmful substances.

Can the waste bins be cleaned if, for example, coffee or tea is spilled on the lid?

Yes, the top side of the top plate of the lid has a coating that can be cleaned with a slightly wet cloth. The new coating has been extensively tested by us for cleaning dried stains from coffee, tea, chocolate, fruit, sugar, dairy products, spreads and ankles of dressing. Some highly seasoned types of dressing leave a slight discoloration on the top layer of the coating. Since dressing can come into little contact with the waste bin, we consider this to be negligible. The rest of the waste bin is protected on the inside by the garbage bag. The deliberately chosen coating that we use is a less environmentally harmful type which stands for a longer retention of the waste bins. See here some pictures of the test and end result.

How do I mount the DIY lid?

View the instruction video:



Which versions of the waste box are available?

The standard height size is 60, 80 or 100 cm, the labeling indicates the desired waste flow. The range is regularly expanded. Look here for all versions. Do you have specific wishes? Let them know via our contact form.

How can I order

You can place your order via the contact form or by mail: If you would like to be advised by us in advance, please contact us during office hours. So that we can properly advise you and our delivery fully meets your needs.

What is the delivery time of the waste bins from Afvalbox?

We strive to deliver your order within approx. 5 to 10 business days in the Netherlands. Do you want to receive your delivery faster? Then contact us by telephone.


Can one also rent waste bins for a specific period?

No, we only sell waste bins, because of the favorable market price rental is not an interesting solution for any of the parties.


Who has the copyright?

The copyright for the Waste box with all related accessories lies with A.A. Groeneweg, the owner of Afvalbox.
The complete Waste Box concept is protected by copyright, counterfeiting is expressly prohibited.

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