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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a partner of MVO (CSR) Netherlands, AFVALBOX endorses the following principles:

* With all business decisions we strive for a careful balance between people, planet and profit.

* We strive for the smallest possible ecological footprint. We do this by, among other things, the environmental impact, energy consumption    and CO2 emissions. reduce emissions as much as possible and, where possible, produce completely clean.

* We promote the vitality, employability and development of our employees.

* In our staff composition we strive for diversity in gender, origin, culture and age.

* We create opportunities for groups that are struggling in the labor market.

* When purchasing products and services, we pay close attention to the social and environmental aspects involved in production, transport and use. play an important role and make agreements about this with our suppliers and buyers.

* We are constantly looking for new opportunities in the field of sustainable products and services.

* We are open to cooperation and partnerships and are willing to actively share knowledge and experiences.

* We contribute to the quality of life in the place or region with which we are connected.

* We periodically formulate new CSR goals, provide honest and clear information on progress and are prepared to do so with importantto have consultations.

In practice it means that Afvalbox integrates the above points in its business operations by:


* Use raw materials made from a natural product for which trees are grown and no forests are felled for.

* By producing sustainably and virtually without CO2 emissions.
* Recycling and re use of production (punching) waste

* Special stickers used whose glue contains no harmful substances for the environment.
* Use a protective coating that is less harmful to the environment, in order to be able to clean the top plate of the lid.

* Certain activities, where possible, carried out by people who are at a distance from the labor market.

* To be constantly alert to the developments of sustainable and circular products.

* Promote waste separation with our product.

For the social return to society, we work together with, among others:

De Hoop meubelmakerij in Hendrik Ido Ambacht.

HW werkt in Oud-Beijerland

In-Made360 PI in Dordrecht

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