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Cardboard waste bins from Afvalbox for companies & institutions

Afvalscheiding in kartonnen afvalbak
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Schools are working on much more than just imparting knowledge. There is not only education but also a contribution to education. With the waste bins from Afvalbox we would like to help you with that. Do you want to introduce kids and students to waste separation in a fun and easy way?


For example, have the children decorate the waste bins during manual labor lessons, in order to involve them playfully in this way. What could be better than to separate your waste in a waste bin decorated by yourself!


Waste box is also used for, "make your school waste free", a project of RAD HW B.V. Professor Lamoraal investigates together with children from primary schools in the Hoeksche Waard (NL) how there is so much waste and what we can do about it in the future. We do this by looking at waste differently and thinking in circles. The school also takes on the challenge of reducing waste so that the school is waste-free after a year! more info on

The waste bins from Afvalbox are also frequently used in secondary and university education.


To attempt?

Are you enthusiastic and are you considering using waste bins from Waste Box for waste separation and making your educational institution more sustainable? Then contact us.

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